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Living In The Past

Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2011 by billyg67

First off. If you were one of the few people who dropped by yesterday and saw a very stressed out rant from yours truly…I’m glad to report a small scale miracle has occurred and it appears everything has worked out as planned…after all.

I’m referring to Gem City Comic Con which hits Dayton Ohio Sunday April 3rd. The art studio that I am a proud member of (Twilight Star Studios of Springfield Ohio) will be at that show and we will be debuting SIX brand new comics that day!!!

That was the plan… of Thursday night those plans were uncertain at best. But first thing this morning things got squared away and things look like we’re  good to go.

Knock on wood.

Now to the post I intended to add last night before I flipped my wig……

Anybody who knows me knows I love comics…as in comic books. And I also love music….specifically hard rock. Discovered both about the same time…although comics may have come first by just a little….

But I’m not a huge fan of what people call hard rock music being produced today and even lees of a fan for what is supposed to be comic books being produced today.

My personal favorite of both beloved past times is the stuff produced in the 70’s and 80’s and luckily I have a pretty good comic collection of that stuff , about 4,000 comics (this is after I sold off have the collection late last year…now I have just the stuff I can’t live without) I also have a large music collection of about 500 compact discs. So I have the luxury of reading and listening to the “good stuff” whenever I like to.

I try to read at least one if not two comics a night…and I do most of my listening to tunes while driving. The only time I listen to music at home is early mornings (it’s my cup of coffee) or when I’m at the drawing table. Listening to music when I’m writing doesn’t work. Recently I made up my mind to start working my way through the entire collection.

Both of them….the music and the comics.

I have been on a big Power Man  and Iron Fist kick lately…having just read Marvel Premiere #25, Iron Fist #1-15, Marvel Team Up #63 and #64 and Power Man #48 and #49….as well as the renamed Power Man #50 which actually became Power Man And Iron Fist at that point….all the classic Chris Claremont and John Byrne stuff.

Last week I read issues #52-72

The series gets rough after Byrne leaves at #50….but starts to improve a great deal at issue #60 when the regular creative team of writer Mary Jo Duffy and artist Kerry Gammill are paired up together. Not quite as good as the Claremont/Byrne stuff…but pretty good.

A lot of the books during this run had great cover art by Frank Miller. After I finish the Power Man/Iron Fist stuff off that I still have ( I only kept a few scattered issues in the 80’s after issue #75) I plan to attack an entire long box of Cosmic Marvel starting with the Jim Starlin Captain Marvel all the way up to Abnett and Lanning’s current Annihilators series….one book after the other for the very first time ever. That’s over 200comics…that will keep me busy for a while…but I’m sure I can do it and have a great read in the process…just finished reading the entire Master of Kung Fu run not long ago…that was over 125 issues with all the extras added in. Never read all those books back to back before either, it was AMAZING!

As for the music end of things I’ve been working my way through the archives of three of my favorite musical acts.


Listening to the following albums (yeah I still call them albums)

Kiss-self titled debut

Hotter Than Hell

Dressed To Kill


Rock And Roll Over

Love Gun

The studio tracks off of Kiss Alive II

Ace Frehley’s solo album

and Dynasty

I mixed that in with a little Megadeth

And jammed out on

Killing Is My Business

Peace Sells

So Far So Good So What

Rust In Peace

and Count Down To Extinction

Finally in honor of Randy Rhoads who died back during this week in 1982 I listened to some Ozzy as well…

… starting with Blizzard of Ozz

Diary Of A Madman (perhaps one of the best albums ever recorded)

Bark At The Moon

The Ultimate Sin (my least favorite Ozzy album but I made my way through it….for whatever reason I think it’s one  of his most successful as well…in regards to sales….musically except for about four solid tracks, pretty weak…I like KISS Dynasty much better and that’s considered “Disco” by most people))

and No Rest For The Wicked (a slow indication of Ozzy coming out of the slump he was in with the prior release)

Actually doubled up on the Ozzy this week as I started to read his autobiography…he had some help o writing it of course… the book is entitled I Am Ozzy.

My wife and I are both reading this and both enjoying it…that is when I manage to find “free time” to read it. I’m not doing too bad. It’s a pretty blunt look at Ozzy’s life and if you’re an Ozzy fan it’s a must read. He had a very challenging childhood and right now I’m really getting into the misadventures he had with the formation and early years of Black Sabbath.

If you don’t like Ozzy, you’re not going to like this book. If you do like Ozzy you’re not going to like him as much after reading some of this

But you might come out of it understanding him a bit more when it’s all said and done. I think it’s a great read and recommend it to and fan of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath.

I’ll see you next week as Twilight Star prepares to Gem City Comic Con….hope to see you there!


G-Notes (What Came Before)

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For those of you who are interested I did write a well received blog entitled “G-Notes” over on the Comic Related web site. It was…actually still is one of the longest running blogs on the site and one of the most viewed.

I would talk about certain aspects of comic collecting, comics creators and other things…..and thought I would provide a link to those past blog posts if anybody was interested in checking them out.

Here you go.


Just check out





Let The Madness Begin!!!!

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Look out….Bill Gladman here, entering the amazing world of personal on-line blogging.


Scary stuff.


But hopefully you’ll find something here that you’ll enjoy reading…that is is you enjoying reading stuff that I like to blog about. Stuff like Hard Rock music, comics, writing, drawing, disc golf, football, and the supernatural…plus whatever else may be in my overcrowded head at the time that is looking for an exit.


I am going to try an attempt to update this thing at least once a week…targeting late Friday evenings for now. I will also be adding more bells and whistles as I go….until then….Rock on!