A Twilight Star Weekend!

As I mentioned earlier in my last post…..things got off to a great start last week with a really nice article in the local paper….followed by a killer party the night after that….an incredible comic convention the day after that….and a truly amazing guest panel at that same comic convention.

And the dust has still to settle from all of that….an entire week later and I’m still busy as last week…maybe even more so!

I’m in the middle of making deals I would have never dreamed of a week ago…and a lot of it is due to the events at Gem City Comic Con and the panel we spoke at during that show…..and that newspaper article.

Looks like we’re going to get a new printer out of this past week-end…and possibly get our books into a new store. A high profile national chain!

Plus a whole lot more I can’t even talk about at the moment….but I do want to mention a number.


That’s how many books we have sold since the newspaper article, the Gem City convention, the Twilight Star guest panel at Gem City show and Comic Related podcast coverage of the panel…which can be heard in it’s entirety right here..just click away.


The panel was also recorded on video in it’s entirety and will soon be airing on the Underground Video Network website…I’ll share a link to that as well when it goes up

I wonder how many more books will sale after that video coverage airs…and you know what. 45 more books drop into three different stores tomorrow.


But enough of that…..I want to share some pictures from the whirlwind that was last weekend starting with…

Chuck Moore (left) founder of the Comic Related website and Chad Lambert (Lost Grooves writer) checking out the newspaper article at the infamous Studio Akumakaze party last Saturday night.

Also at the same party….Dustin Carson (left) and Chris Metzger (right)…Dustin is the writer for “Half Breed” a graphic novel in the works…and Chris is the artist for that book. There was a five page preview of Half Breed in Pandemonium Spotlight #2 a new book that was released by Twilight Star at Gem City…and the book was featured in the news article. Pandemonium Spotlight #2 sold 8 copies at the show…11 copies if you count the books that Dustin sold at his table. The book would sell another 2 copies over the course of the last few days. 15 go into local stores tomorrow.

Victor Dandridge-one of the most talented comic creators in the indie comic field and a very entertaining fellow. BUT never ask this man what he would do for $10.000.000 because he WILL tell you…in great detail.

Sunday morning…Gem City Comic Con starts. Chad Strohl and Derron Church are the first guys at the Twilight Star table…they are over joyed.

Frank (Raynor) and I never seem to get table time at our shows…that’s going to have to change some how…because between the two of us I’m sure we could have sold at least two more books.

Speaking of Frank…here he is with Dustin and myself…getting a picture with Dustin Carson at the Gem City show. Dustin is holding his RaynMan Power Hour Hall Of Fame Creator plaque which Frank and I presented him with at the Studio Akumakaze party the night before. And for those of you who didn’t know RaynMan is a podcast that Frank and I host (with Brant Fowler…we missed you Goose!) every other Monday night on the Comic Related web site.

John Wilson and Chuck Moore shaking off the Akumakaze party at the Comic Related table early Sunday morning at Gem City….Jesse Noble announced at this year’s show that that this will be the at one day Gem City show and next year’s Gem City 2012 will be a two day show!

How cool is that!

Also right about the same time I took this picture I ran into a guy named Chris Cantrell from Urbana Ohio. Chris is the creator, writer, and artist for a DAILY webcomic of which I’m a big fan called “The Deadly’s”. Chris also is the guy that did the Twilight Star business cards for us, The Champion City Award trophies, and the RaynMan Hall Of Fame plaques….all this stuff is uber cool….and Chris was a great guy. I ‘m very glad I had the chance to meet him (wish I could have gotten a picture of him. )I’m going to try to record an interview with him for Comic Related if he shows up at Champion City. I left the show with a copy of the first Deadly’s collected trade and Chris left with a copy of New Comic Day: 52 And Then Some….a webcomic exchange. And for those of you who didn’t know….I work of the web comic New Comic Day with Eric Ratcliffe, Chad Strohl, Lisa Moore, and Brant Fowler….what a team! NCD is brand new every Weds. on Comic Related and http://www.newcomicday.net

This young lady is “Lizzie” Hayes. A very lented artist from the Dayton area which I met at the show. Liz is also a loyal customer at Bell Book And Comic and a good friend to the shop owner, Peter Bell. Looks like Liz may be doing some art for Twilight Star and possibly working with my daughter Raichal on a story or two.  Raichal will be doing the writing…Twilight Star new and improved with GIRL POWER……hey it works for podcasts….why not comics.

This is legendary comic book writer Steve Englehart (Dr. Strange, Master Of Kung Fu, The Avengers, Batman) signing a few books for me. I was telling Steve how much I enjoyed his interview on Comic Related with Chuck Moore. Steve asked about my shirt (which featured the “face” of Twilight Star the cosmic being known as The Nectimidar) He said he had noticed the same creature on a poster (over at our table almost directly across from him) and asked more about Twilight Star Studios…I gave him more info….told him I was a writer for the studio…he seemed very interested. I even gave him a business card….(see there it is right there on the table)…and then he asked me if I wanted to purchase a copy of his new novel….and I honestly replied I didn’t have the money to do so.

I’m not going to tell you what happened to that business card…

“Almost” evey member of Twilight Star Studios after our panel concluded.

Left to right-

Joe Pruitt-Brit And Ivy, Bumtastic Four, Prodigy

Chad Strohl-Did Somebody Call For A Hero, Hero Of The Day, other short stories

Mike Boruff the host of the panel -Underground Video Network-Behind The Counter

(ME)-Hero Of The Day, The Un-Naturals, Necrotrancer, Bumtastic Four, Prodigy, Jack The Rabbit, Young and Wasted, Metal Heart…others…

Frank Raynor-Hero Of The Day, WTF?, other short stories

Tim Hagans-(sitting)-Price For The Asking, Hero Of The Day

Gary Church-G-Code, WTF?, other short stories

Derron Church-Legacy, The Un-Naturals, Hero Of The Day, other short stories

Dan Matthews-graphic artist

Kevin Adkins-The Crook, Metal Heart, other short stories.

Frank and I with Main Street Comics And Games owner and Champion City Comic Con organizer Scott Riley. Scott also illustrated a story in Pandemonium Spotlight #2. Mr. Riley was having a great time at the show with his two sons Derrien and Dakota. And enjoyed the day as just a visitor of the show instead of a vendor this year.


Frank feeling the magic that was Gem City Comic Con 2011!













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  1. Bill Gladman, ladies and gentleman…the King of Typos!
    That must’ve seriously burst your bubble when Steve threw your
    card on the floor and stomped on it…because you didn’t buy his

    • Hey…when a guy has been up for 24 hours straight and typing for five hours straight…..a few typos “may” sneak in between the cracks…but what do you want for nothing?

      Rubber Biscuit! Bow Bom Bomm!

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