Even More Twilight Star At Gem City

I wanted to add these pictures to last night’s post but by the time I got around to finishing it up I was pushing the 24 hour with no sleep boundary and to be honest I’m lucky I got as far as I did on the things I wanted to get done last night…getting ready for round two of what will be another long day and another long night…including a guest appearance as a co-host on the long running Zone 4 podcast heard every Friday on the Comic Related web-site….I’m been on the show quite a few times and it’s always a blast…I will be filling in for regular show member and fellow comic creator Cary Kelley the next couple of weeks and talking all things good and bad about comics with the likes of fellow show hosts, working partners, great friends, and all around swell guys Brant Fowler, Ron Fortier, and Chuck Kennedy . Check it out!

I will also be working out a rather important business deal later this afternoon, stopping by Main Street Comics And Games to see what Scott Riley has waiting for me in my comic file (Annihilators? Darkwing Duck?) and finally I need to get on the drawing board later this evening and as long as it takes tonight to finish inking two pages of pencil work by Gary Church.

Now for the rest of the photos…..all of which were taken by Comic Related founder and another great friend…Chuck Moore….my third and final post of this weekend….see I told you I would make it up to you.

Twilight Star panel-

Left to right-

Joe Pruitt (writer, penciler, inker, letterer, colorist), Chad Strohl (writer, penciler, inker, letterer, colorist), Raichal Gladman (writer, inker, editor),  Frank Raynor (writer, alcoholic, sex symbol), Bill Gladman (writer, penciler, inker, over worked PR guy),Mike Boruff (panel host), Gary Church (writer, penciler), Derron Church (writer, penciler, inker), Tim Hagans (writer, penciler, inker), and Kevin Adkins (writer, penciler, inker)

Raichal , Frank and the G-Man

Joe is used to moving so fast he can’t even slow down for the panel discussion….

Frank responding to a question…I’m having an out of body experience….have to admit the group looked great from 12 feet in the air….

Mike grilling me about something….maybe he was asking where he could find a copy of Young And Wasted written by me and illustrated by Chris Martin of Studio Akumakaze….the book is still in production… everybody please stop e-mailing me about it. Trust me…I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Tim Hagans listening in and about to comment on a discussion about promoting the comic “business” by wearing images of characters on clothing…something we know nothing about and we would never stoop so low as to use such a cliche marketing tool….hey check out Tim’s shirt….oopss…..disregard everything I just typed….t-shirts are great marketing tools!

Hell Yeah!

And speaking of marketing…the Underground Video Network crew led by “Little” Richard Katterjohn was busy capturing the whole panel discussion on video to be aired on the U.V.N website at a later date.

Gary Church takes over the sales at the Twilight Star table and business starts to take off after a slow start. Only two books sold before 1:00. Thirty books sold between 1:00 and 5:00 when Gem City Comic Con 2011 came to a close….that’s more than seven books an hour.

Kevin Adkins keeps the sales going after Gary’s stint at the table was over. This was Kevin’s first creator experience at a con. I think he liked it.

Gary hanging out at The Gem City charity Auction in which Frank and I hosted and with the help of Brian Carson and all the people who donated auction items raised over $800 for the Hero Initiave.

Here is a link to Brian’s take on the auction and even more photos of the event by Chuck Moore…


Hey…that’s Tyler Beal sitting in front of Gary…he owns a copy of every Twilight Star book ever produced. Smart guy!

Joe and Tim finish the day at the Twilight Star table…and I’m finished blogging this week. See you next week! I may even have more photos supplied by Gary and Frank

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