Thirteen Years Of Elephants

My wife and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this past Saturday evening. Although the actual date of the anniversary isn’t until this coming Monday the 25th of April. And we have been together for 17 years…but only married for 13 of those 17 years.

We were a little low on funds this year ….with both of us starting new jobs and it looked like we wouldn’t really be able to celebrate at all, money is that tight. But I couldn’t go for that….so I dipped into the money I have recently made from selling the comics I have been working on. Sales recently have been so good there was “extra” in the Twilight Star cash box… we went out for the typical movie and a dinner.

Dinner was at Fazoli’s ….one of our favorite restaurants…we usually like to do something nicer for our anniversary…but it was a good dinner.

And seeing how my wife Ellie has put up with me for 13 years I let her pick the movie. She immediately said she wanted to watch the new Reece Weatherspoon movie. I suddenly felt a little sick….besides Pleasantville and Walk The Line I can’t say I like anything Reece has ever been in. But my wife loves EVERYTHING she has ever starred in.

Who else is in it I asked.

Robert Patttinson….the guy that played Edward in the Twilight movies.

Oh God….I was seriously beginning to think about faking a sudden bout of sickness.

It’s called Water For Elephants, she replied…..things just wasn’t getting any better here. How about the Lincoln Lawyer…..or maybe Source Code. You mentioned you wouldn’t mind seeing either of those films.

True…but she wanted to see the elephant movie the most…and I already said she could pick the movie…so I was stuck.

While checking the local show times about the film I read up about it a bit…..and realized the two of us saw the trailer for this film while watching Red Riding Hood a month or so ago…and I actually mentioned at the time I might like to go see this film with her…despite the fact I wasn’t in love with the cast it looked “half way” decent.

So maybe there was some hope after all.

And I have to admit after watching the film…I really enjoyed it…..there wasn’t an empty seat to be found (which isn’t really saying much when talking about our local theatre) and the crowd actually applauded when the film ended. It was a great movie…I was shocked and I thanked Ellie several times while at dinner for sticking to her guns and making this her first and only choice for the evening.

The last line in the film was dead on…and if actor Hal Holbrook didn’t say it I may have asked for my money back… I thought it was that crucial to the story…..and then he said exactly what I wanted him to say…what everybody wanted him to say.

It was awesome!!!

Great film…I strongly recommend seeing it….especially if you want to take along that special some one.

After dinner the evening was still young and we still had a little cash left so we decided to head to the video store and see if there was at least one more movie the two of us could agree one….and there was. We picked up The Fighter with Mark Walberg and Christian Bale.

I have been hearing great things about this film since December but have been reluctant to watch it thinking it just couldn’t live up to the hype. And to be honest….Bale has been disappointing me a lot lately.

But this film was remarkable!!!! And Bale was one of the best parts of the film, just like I have been hearing….the entire cast was terrific…and based on an incredible true story.

I liked it better than the elephant movie…not to downplay how good that film was….but my wife , while liking the Fighter as well, preferred the glowing vampire guy and the legally blonde girl.

Both films were very good. And it was a very nice night… to start the next year together.

5 Responses to “Thirteen Years Of Elephants”

  1. Bale totally deserved his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the Fighter. It is an astounding performance…he totally is that drugged out loser for most of the film…until he gets his jailhouse epiphany and starts to change his life. I loved this movie. Oh, and Valerie’s nephew John is one of the boxing judges in the final bout scene. No lie.

  2. Please, please, please send your positive review of Water for Elephants Chad’s way … I’m dying to see this and he had a similar reaction to yours.
    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Thank once again for dropping by, Captain.

    And thank you for the anniversary wish. And consider Mr. Strohl “officially” notified as how good I thought this film was….hope it works out well for you!

  4. I am “officially” informed 🙂

    I guess I have to go see this now that it’s got the Gladman thumbs up.

  5. I think you’ll like it…and I guess I left Lainey’s name out of my previous post…sorry about that.

    Hope you two enjoy it as much as Ellie and I did….

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