Twilight Star Goes Postal!!!!

Yesterday was the first time in months that I found time to make it to the local post office before they closed on Saturdays. I needed to start mailing out comp copies to several of the creators who have done some incredible work for the studio and are not exactly in the area.

I decided to knock off the first there names on the list….James Hill…the artist on all the Necrotrancer books and who has recently been under the weather. I was hoping that getting his comp package later this week would make him feel a little better.

Lisa Moore….I’m not denying the fact that maybe….just maybe….the reason that so many of our Twilight Star books have been selling so well recently “could be” because Lisa colored the cover on most of the newer releases including The Un-Naturals Source Book, Tales From The ‘Field #3, and Pandemonium Spotlight #2….and she’s colored the covers for the upcoming Necrotrancer: Shades Of Gray book and Jack The Rabbit #2. Wanted to make sure I got her package in the mail.

Last but not least on this list (and I’ll keep working on this list until I take care of everybody…believe me I’ve been on the other side of the fence when the publisher fails to deliver on every promise he makes….it sucks balls…..when you have to buy your own comp copy of a book …I’ll stop right there)…..let’s just say I don’t want any of the talented creators we are fortunate enough to be working with to feel that way….ever.

So….last guy on the list was Stephen Brewington. Quite honestly without this guy there would be no Twilight Star books going to print. He’s that important to us and I wanted to make sure he knew how important he is to us….so I sent his package out Saturday as well.

I was wearing my “spiffy” Comic Related t-shirt and as I headed into the post office and when I handed the man behind the counter the three packages he asked about the shirt.

I explained what Comic Related was all about and made sure here had the website info so he could check it out. I also mentioned I wrote (actually co-write) two weekly web comics for the site, I used to write a regular column for the site, and I co-host a podcast there as well.

He thought all that stuff was really interesting! So you write comics too. I mean real comic books. Not just the web comic stuff. Books you can actually hold in your hands and read?

Hell Yeah! Matter of fact those three packages you just weighed and that are off to Texas, Alabama, and some place called Xenia Ohio all contain comic books that I played a part in creating…I either wrote a story in each of the books going out in the mail…inked art in a story…in some cases drew a story. Or characters I created were in those same books and on the trading cards also in those envelopes…

No shit… cards too!


Where can I find out more about the comics you work on….

I went to give him a card….(Fuck Me….I didn’t have any in my wallet….I gave the last one out in the parking lot at Kroger the night before when a guy recoginized me from a recent newspaper)…so embarrassed as I was, I just wrote down the website…  and the e-mail address he could contact me… .

He has already contacted me… an e-mail from him last night. He checked out the web-site (which is currently just a re-direct to the Hell Yeah forum hosted at Comic Related)….he’s coming by tomorrow night to pick up copies of Tales From The’ Field #1 and Pandemonium Spotlight #1. And he plans to stop by and see us at Main Street Comics And Games for Free Comic Book Day at the shop.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

And in the meantime I restocked my wallet with Twilight Star business cards…

See you in a week.  Hopefully I’ll be posting the second part of the un-edited News-Sun interview with Twilight Star founding members Gary Church, Derron Church and myself….and maybe my thoughts on what a true KISS box set should consist of.

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