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Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away???

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2011 by billyg67

Okay when you hear that phrase…do you think….Neil Young…or Def Leppard? Or …Kurt Cobain?  Just curious. Neil of course coined the phrase first in his song “Hey Hey, My My”….I think that was 1979.  Most people my age remember Def Leppard starting their 1983 hit single “Rock Of Ages” with the same phrase.

In 1994 Kurt Cobain would use the same phrase in his suicide note.

So in many ways…for the sum of three decades the phrase has been committed to memory for different reasons, by people of different ages while remaining true to itself.

It’s also a phrase that has bee weighing heavily on my thoughts for weeks now. It’s been the better part of a month since Gem City Comic Con in Dayton Ohio. The show was April 3rd…it is April 30th as I type this. During the days that have been nothing more than a lost daze between the two dates…I have found myself at a crossroads.

A place between here and there. A place I have been several times before. And a place I know all too well. I have burned out….geared up too high. Achieved certain goals…and then stalled as things continue to fall between the cracks while I try in vain to find my misplaced motivation.

This happens to me at times. More often than I care for. It happens to a lot of creative people I know. It crushes some of us and others find a way to pull themselves back up out of the mud and get back on the horse. I have been fortunate enough to have been one of those fighting souls who tires of rolling in the quagmire of their own making after a few weeks and manages to finally shake off this self created funk to go on to be more productive and creative than before.

And the cycle starts anew.

This most recent bout of “burn out” has hung on a little longer than most. I think this time around I am going to have to make long lasting decisions if I’m to find my mojo once more.

Several things need to be done and I have vowed as of May 2nd I will force my way back on the horse and ride…..but at the same time….I plan on  making some changes.

To be perfectly honest. I try spinning too many plates at once. I’m letting a few fall to the wayside.

In the meantime I have developed a list of things that must get done soon. And in the order they need to be done.

  1. Format the final inside cover for Ron Fortier’s Tales Of The Macabre #1 so this book can go to print.
  2. Finish inking the last two panels of “The Evil That Men Do”….these two pages have been sitting on my drawing table untouched for weeks.
  3. Finish typing a recorded interview with writer Tony Doug Wright.
  4. Finish the development of the Twilight Star website with Brant Fowler….this is crucial as it plays a large role in other changes I plan to make later.

When these things are done I can move on to my next list….

  1. Ink the next two pages of The Un-Naturals #1
  2. Finish writing the last five pages to Young and Wasted
  3. Finish writing the last ten pages for Duality-with Studio Akumakaze
  4. Type out the fourteen page Necrotrancer/Cybercat crossover “One Night In Chicago”
  5. Write the five page preview to Metal Heart
  6. Finish penciling and inking the last four pages of Jack The Rabbit #2

And from there………..

  1. Finish writing and penciling Prodigy #2
  2. Write the seven page story “Remember Tomorrow”
  3. Start writing “Ballroom Blitz” for Ravenwood: Stepson Of Mystery Vol.2
  4. Finish looking over a writing proposal that involve Frank Raynor and I and an artist on the west coast.

fter those fourteen things are done….I’ll probably crash again for a few weeks…..stare into space for a few days….brush myself off and do it all again…..

But as I mentioned I will be making a few changes…believe it or not the above list is very “small” compared to what I usually weigh myself down with. So what am I going to be doing differently? What things am I stepping away from for a while at least?

  1. My role as Executive Editor of Twilight Star Studios will change….as soon as the website is live and active….watch for an announcement there as soon as the site does go live.
  2. My involvement in the Price For The Asking web comic is on “cruise control” for the next eight months. Co-creator and co-writer Ron Fortier is the writer for the current 24 part arc…the story for the next 24 part arc which features both Ron and I as writers is already done.
  3. My involvement the New Comic Day web comic will also diminish a great deal after strip #104. This will be the last new strip I will write for a while. There are a few older ones I have written that are in the “vault” that will be used up….after they are gone co-creator and co-writer Eric Ratcliffe will be writing the strip on his own for a while with some help from the rest of the creative team (artist-Chad Strohl, colorist –Lisa Moore and letterer Brant Fowler) until I return some time after strip #130.
  4. Once again my involvement in the planning of Champion City Comic Con will be changed as well. Look for an announcement elsewhere about this in the next few weeks…some time around May 13th.

Not fading away….but planning to rise from the ashes.