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Book Signing At Main Street Comics

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Joe Pruitt and Bill Gladman at Main Street Comics & Games Sat. Aug 27th

Can’t wait until Champion City 2011. Neither can we!!!! So Saturday August 27th Main Street Comics & Games and Twilight Star Studios will be hosting a special book signing two weeks before the show.

Bill Gladman and Joe Pruitt will be at the Springfield, Ohio comic shop that day from 12:00-5:00pm. Gladman and Pruitt are the creative forces behind several Twilight Star books such as Jack The Rabbit, Brit And Ivy, Necrotrancer, Prodigy, and the upcoming web comic The Bumtastic Four.

Joe is also the featured cover artist for this year’s Champion City convention program.

These two local creators will be on hand all afternoon with copies of every Twilight Star book published to date, art prints, trading cards, and they will be doing commission art upon request.

“I’m really looking forward to doing this book signing. I never get a chance to actually sell books at Champion City, I’m just too busy with everything else. I really want to thank Scott Riley for allowing Joe and I a chance to generate a little hype about Twilight Star and Champion City a couple of weeks in advance.”-Bill Gladman

Need more info about this event, Main Street Comics & Games, or Champion City Comic Convention feel free to contact Scott Riley


Copies of the second printing of the Un-Naturals Source Book with a cover re-colored by Lisa Moore and Tales From The ‘Field #2 with a cover re-colored by Jonny Rizzo and that features a new story written by Tony Doug Wright and another new story featuring the combined talents of Bill Gladman, Gary Church and Brant Fowler will be on sale during this signing….brand new releases form the studio that never sleeps!

Plus new art prints featuring….Necrotrancer, Jack the Rabbit, and the cover of the upcoming cover to Pandemonium Spotlight #3…Dustin Carson’s Butterfly Girl with art by Robin Humer…Main Street Comics And Games very own SCOTT RILEY and colored by LISA MOORE!!!!

Get one while they last!!!!

Main Street Comics And Games
Twilight Star Studios
Hell Yeah!!!!


Back In The Saddle Again

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It’s me. The guy that was “supposed” to post a new blog entry every week. Well…maybe every month and a half is a better goal.

Recently I did a guest stint as a co-host on a podcast called Zone 4 which gets posted once a week on the Comic Related website. And Brant Fowler the mover and shaker behind that show posted a link to this blog in the show notes…so I kind of felt obligated to post something new here….just in case one or two people follow that link and end up here.

Before we go any further, let me return the favor. Here’s a link to that podcast if you want to check it out.

Now to the “new stuff” . Have I had any crazy dreams of late? Why, Yes!!!! Yes I have!!!! But can I remember details…not really. That’s how it is about 99.9% of the time.

But some really cool stuff has been happening as of late. Maybe the first thing I should address should be this.

Have you heard about the Violent Whisper reunion??? I have. Strange thing is, since I was one of the two founding members of the band and wrote 90% of the lyrics and music for the band as well it’s quite funny I have no clue who or where this rumor started but I would like to take the time to clear this up right here and now.

This is NOT going to happen! At least I will not be a part of this reunion if it is in the works, which I seriously doubt it is. The band played their last show May 2001….over ten years ago and I rarely see any of the guys from the band ….except the lead vocalist…Raven Blackrose. Raven and I do stay in touch and recently he and I have been seen together out and about and perhaps this helped fuel these rumors. Raven and I have been playing a lot of disc golf  together…but we are not playing any music together.

BUT if you were a fan of the music of Violent Whisper….and Misled (the band I was in before Violent Whisper) make sure you check out good friend ….Wade Kiger….who will be doing a musical performance in Springfield Ohio, Friday September 9th as part of the Champion City Comic Convention pre-party.

Wade has mentioned that he plans to play a few of those songs in his set.  Wade and I had been in bands together…back when we both were teens and this is a great honor for me. Can’t wait to check out this show!!!

Here’s more info about that.

Champion City Pre-Party
Crazy Joe’s Jamaican Bar-Quality Inn-Leffel’s Lane
Wade Kiger -acoustic guitarist and vocalist from Columbus Ohio will be performing a 90 minute set of music that includes songs from Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Tesla, and many more.  No cover charge.

Speaking of Champion City Comic Convention, Scott Riley and I have been very hard at work at making this…the third year of  this  show the best C4 show to date. Also a huge shout out to fellow Twilight Star member and good friend Joe Pruitt who grabbed the cover for the Champion City 2011 program!!!!

AND…..since I said Twilight Star…..and Champion City….might as well hype up the new book from Twilight Star that will be debuting at the show. That would be  Pandemonium Spotlight #3

The feature story is called Butterfly Girl…..written by indie comic great Dustin Carson and up and coming artist Robin Humer….both of whom will be appearing at Champion City this year. Butterfly Girl is also inked by SCOTT RILEY!!!! Co-organizer of the Champion City show and owner of Main Street Comics And Games.

The cover of this book is by Robin, and Scott plus it’s colored by the GREAT and TALENTED LISA MOORE!!!!!

Also in this book…..”Jersey Devil” written and lettered by Brant Fowler and illustrated by Kevin Adkins. And a really twisted tale written by myself and illustrated and lettered by really cool friend and a guy I worked with on a little web comic you may have heard of…called New Comic Day…and that guy is Chad Strohl. Just saw the pages for the story which is entitled “If Thy Hand Offends Thee” and I have to say I believe this is Chad’s best art to date! I’m very excited about this. This may be the last time Chad and I work on a comic together…and trust me , we both make a statement with this story!!!

There will also be a story written by Josh Brown in the book called “Deer Hunter”…love this story as well.  Know what else I’m excited about? A fantastic story called “Crossing Pawn’s Bridge”. This story is written by my daughter Raichal and she’s working with a very talented artist and Twilight Star’s newest member…Stacy Gaston!!! Here’s a sneak peek at the main character, Rebeca.

Guess what? There’s even more of a sneak peek of “Crossing Pawn’s Bridge” … CHECK OUT PANDEMONIUM SPOTLIGHT #3 !!!!

Finally…been doing some writing…just finished writing THREE “Simon Pryce” stories….a two page story entitled “Dirt” which will be a back up feature in Price For The Asking  #2…coming soon. “Dirt” will also feature some art by artist Rob Davis.

Another two page story that re-unites me with the original artist for Price For The Asking Brain Latimer!! The series runs as a web comic on Comic Related and later gets collected in printed form. This story is called “Boys Of Summer”.

That is just a teaser of what Brian and I have in store for the fourth Price For The Asking story entitled “Motor City Madhouse” , a full 24 page adventure featuring Detroit’s best private investigator….Simon Pryce.

Want to check the strip out…here you go! Stories #1 and #2 for your reading pleasure…

In the mean time….check me out every other Monday with Frank Raynor and Brant Fowler on the RaynMan Power Hour Podcast…

and announcing it first here… out for Joe Pruitt and I who will be making

a pre-Champion City appearance at a local comic shop near you!!! Details coming soon!!!

Until then….Rock Hard And Ride Free.