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Vote For The G-man!

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The Seekers Contest Writer Nominees Announced

by Brant W. Fowler

The top 20 writers in Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and MTV Comics’ The Seekers Contest have been announced. And one of the top 20 nominees is Comic Related’s own Bill Gladman!

The contest opened at San Diego Comic Con International in July, then ran online until September 23rd after an extended deadline. To enter, writers had to submit ten pages of script featuring a story taking place after a described scene in a provided treatment, as well as a two-page treatment of how they invisioned a 110-page graphic novel.

The 20 nominees are listed on MTV’s Geek subsite where you can download each of their scripts and treatments, then vote for the writer you like the best. Voting is open until 3pm Est, September 30th.

The top 5 vote getters will have their scripts sent to Stan Lee, who will then pick the winner. Said winner will receive a contract worth approximately $10,000 and will be the writer on The Seekers comic.

Head over to and pick your favorite.

We wish everyone, especially our own Bill Gladman, the best of luck in the contest!



A Star Is Born

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Star Con 2011 is coming to Springfield Ohio Saturday October 15th. And will be taking place at Main Street Comics And Games , 2125 E.Main Street.

What is Star Con? Well….that’s a very snazzy way of saying Twilight Star Studio’s 2nd year anniversary. Last year we celebrated our first year anniversary at Super Fly Comics And Games in Yellow Springs Ohio and had a blast with some of our closest friends  and fans!

A list of some of the special guests hanging out with us last year included R2-D2, Dr. Strange, Death, and Dave Chapelle… lie.

We had some great friends hanging out with us all day as well including Dustin Carson, Victor Dandridge, and the guys from Studio Akumakaze. One of the highlights of the afternoon which featured Hero Clix tournaments and a filming of “Geek Street” (the fan favorite video show featuring myself and co-host Frank Raynor seen on The Underground Video Network-NEW HOME OF RAYNMAN: THE ULTIMATE PODCAST)…was the fact that Kevin Adkins joined the studio that evening.

The event was covered by the local paper , Comic Related and U.V.N.

What a great day for Springfield Ohio’s only comic producing studio. the studio that never sleeps….Twilight Star!!!!

Believe it or not a whole year has passed since that event and plans are under way for the 2nd year anniversary celebration and the question that keeps popping up is …how in the Hell do we top what we did last year? Well the first step is to have the event in our home town of Springfield. We love Super Fly Comics And Games and they have always been very supportive of everything that we do but we can’t deny the fact that every event we hold on our home ‘Field has been an overwhelming success as the people of Champion City come out to support us in droves.

As a matter of fact the three most successful events to date that the studio was a part of have been Champion City Comic Con 2011, Champion City Comic Con 2010, and Free Comic Book Day at Main Street Comics And Games in that order….all taking place right here in our own home town. So it made sense to have this year’s celebration at Main Street Comics And Games and Scott Riley’s incredible new store front. The shop where Twilight Star comics are available all year long at their own section of the store!!!

If you happened to be at the store this past Free Comic Book Day you’ll remember the store hosted several indie creators…not only Twilight Star but Dave Arhar, Dustin Carson, Chad Lambert, and Studio Akumakaze. It had the feel of a small convention. Actually the first year celebration at Super-Fly felt that way as well.

And very recently while attending this year’s Champion City Disc Golf Tournament co-founder of the studio Gary Church and I were kidding around about making this 2nd year celebration a “real” convention….fellow studio member Tim Hagans joined the the discussion and the name Star Con popped up. A play on Twilight Star.

Needless to say……we liked it!

We had already made plans to set up the tables at the shop Oct. 15t much like we had on Free Comic Book Day. You see Twilight Star has several different members and this is the one event that promises to allow each creator involved with the studio to have their own table space for the whole day. We usually have to take turns and break the table time down into “shifts” when we appear at shows due to the size of the studio. Not this time. Each member will have a table to spotlight the various projects they are working on for Twilight Star.

Each member will be given an opportunity to be interviewed by U.V.N. who will be there covering the celebration.

Here’s a break down-

Gary Church-writer and artist of G-Code, artist on The Cowboy, The Kid, And The Samurai, artist of Perfect Day, artist of A Matter Of Life And Death and The Evil That Men Do , artist on WTF, artist for Jack The Rabbit: Shame On The Night and artist for The Un-Naturals Source Book

Bill Gladman-writer of A Matter Of Life And Death, artist of Business As Usual, artist of The Tree,writer of N.I.B., writer of Driver’s Seat, writer and artist on Jack The Rabbit, writer and artist of Prodigy, artist and inker for the Un-Naturals Source Book, writer of Necrotrancer, writer and inker on the Un-Naturals, writer of the Bumtastic Four, inker on Perfect Day, writer of Tales From The Longbox: Collective Soul, writer and inker on The Evil That Men Do,co- writer of Price For The Asking, writer on If Thy Hand Offends Thee, co-writer of Did Somebody Call for A Hero: Hero Of The Day, writer of Jack The Rabbit Shame On The Night, co-writer on One Night In Chicago and writer of Young And Wasted.

Derron Church-writer and artist on Legacy, artist on the Un-Naturals, finishing artist on A Matter Of Life And Death, artist for the Un-Naturals Source Book , cover artist for Did Somebody Call for A Hero: Hero Of The Day

Frank Raynor-writer of Business As Usual, writer of Dead Money, writer of Perfect Day, co-writer of Did Somebody Call For A Hero: Hero Of The Day, writer of WTF, and writer on Three Wise Men

Joe Pruitt-writer and artist on Brit And Ivy, inker on G-Code, artist on Bumtastic Four, inker on Necrotrancer, inker on Jack The Rabbit cover art and inker on Prodigy

Tim Hagans-writer and artist for The Cowboy, The Kid,And The Samurai, inker on G-Code, inker on Price For The Asking, inker for cover art on Did Somebody Call for A Hero: Hero Of The Day, and co-writer and inker on One Night In Chicago

Dan Matthews-cover colorist on Twilight Star Annual #1 and Cygann #1

Kevin Adkins-artist on Dragnet, writer and artist on The Crook, writer and artist The Lam, artist for Jersey Devil, creator of Twilight Star playing card and Heroclix sets.

Raichal Gladman-writer of The Tree, inker on The Un-Naturals Source Book, writer on Crossing Pon’s Bridge,and writer on The Anti-Humans

Stacy Gaston-writer and artist on Cygann, writer and artist on Cyber-Christ, artist on Crossing Pon’s Bridge

And of course Scott Riley will be there. Not only does Scott own Main Street Comics And Games, he hosts Champion City Comic Con, he was the artist on Tales From The Longbox: Collective Soul, and the inker on Butterfly Girl

We’re working on getting a couple of very special guests that have been very instrumental to the success of the studio to attend the show.  The 28th book that the studio has released in the two years of existence will be released the day of the  show….possibly even book # 29!!!! In two years….Hell Yeah!

It will be Halloween Season so feel free to come in costume. There will be Heroclix games hosted by Frank Raynor and Kevin Adkins featuring custom made Twilight Star Heroclix created by Kevin.

Bill will be hosting Marvel trivia games.

New comics, new art prints, new t-shirts. trading cards…and possibly even a live musical guest!!!

And (rumor has it) even the recording of the much anticipated Geek Street #4 for U.V.N. who will be at the shop with us all day.

Sounds like a convention to me!

Star Con 2011

Main Street Comics And Games-2125 E. Main Street

Springfield Ohio-45505


Saturday October 15th-12:00 noon until-whenever!

BE THERE!!!!!!