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The Seekers Contest Writer Nominees Announced

by Brant W. Fowler

The top 20 writers in Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and MTV Comics’ The Seekers Contest have been announced. And one of the top 20 nominees is Comic Related’s own Bill Gladman!

The contest opened at San Diego Comic Con International in July, then ran online until September 23rd after an extended deadline. To enter, writers had to submit ten pages of script featuring a story taking place after a described scene in a provided treatment, as well as a two-page treatment of how they invisioned a 110-page graphic novel.

The 20 nominees are listed on MTV’s Geek subsite where you can download each of their scripts and treatments, then vote for the writer you like the best. Voting is open until 3pm Est, September 30th.

The top 5 vote getters will have their scripts sent to Stan Lee, who will then pick the winner. Said winner will receive a contract worth approximately $10,000 and will be the writer on The Seekers comic.

Head over to and pick your favorite.

We wish everyone, especially our own Bill Gladman, the best of luck in the contest!


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