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Wrapping Up 2011

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2011 by billyg67

As the year comes to a close I guess it’s time for a FEW New Year’s Resolutions. I’m the type of guy who actually takes making these resolutions to heart and USUALLY does a fair job of seeing them through.

So I thought I would share the resolutions I want to work on for the coming year of 2012.

#1-Try to make more updates here at the D.O.G blog-can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here in over two months!!!

#2-get a new computer… of the reasons I haven’t posted anything in the last two months….plus this computer has been slowly dying for a couple of years now….and I keep trying to stretch it’s life span out …but I think I am going to have to get something else very soon. Been a real pain in the ass on the Twilight Star production front and as the studio continues to grow….so does what I need to be able to do on my computer.

#3-lose some more weight. Yeah, I know that’s a pretty common resolution and has been one of mine in the past. But I have been very successful with past efforts but would like to get below 225 lbs. Currently hovering around 235 lbs.

#4-by the end of the year I would like to make a living working in the comic field…so I can give up the day job. If not I intend to stop producing comics and just focus on the day job (whatever day job that may be) and spend more time with the family. I ain’t getting any younger….time is too short to continue to divide it on so many different fronts but I’m not willing to give up on chasing my dreams. I’ve already come further than I ever thought I would and actually believe a goal of making comics my full time job in 2012 is very attainable.

#5-just to be a little more organized….in everything I do. Sometimes it feels like things get away from me and I want to focus a little more on the finer details …at work…here at home….and with the studio.

Not too bad of a list. At least I don’t think so.

Guess only time will tell.

2011 has been a pretty good year….with a lot of notable events…..

I was one of 20 writers nominated to write a comic series for Stan Lee and MTV…didn’t get the gig but a few very good things came from the nomination.

Champion City Comic Con which I organize with local comic shop owner Scott Riley turned three years old. This year’s show was not as successful as the previous two for several different reasons but Scott and I along with the help of a few good friends plan to get it back on track for 2012 and show # 4

Twilight Star Studios turned two years old and we produced 18 books in 2011….that’s six more than 2010 and a total of 30 books produced in two years!!!

And 2012 looks to be very productive with almost 30 books being worked on right now and that could be out before 2012 reaches the half way point!

After working on the weekly web comic NEW COMIC DAY with fellow creators Eric Ratcliffe, Chad Strohl, Lisa Moore, and Brant Fowler for two years I decided to leave the strip as of Strip # 104 this past July.

The strip does continue without me and you can check it out every Weds. at Comic Related and http://www.newcomicday,net

The RaynMan Power Hour Podcast which I co-host with good friends Frank Raynor and Brant Fowler turned two years old in 2011….and after a brief cancellation is now heard on TWO different websites…Comic Related and Underground Video Network. RaynMan just recently launched it’s own website at

And…..before I go and end what I’m sure will be my last D.O.G posting here for the year ….here are some of my thoughts about the best of 2011.

Best Book-

No Regrets-The Ace Frehley autobiography-couldn’t put this thing down. Read it in four days. If you’re a fan of The Space Man….which I most certainly am….this is a MUST READ!!!

Best Movie-

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes….although Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows was a VERY close second…this film still wins the number one spot on my list. I loved this film and was lucky enough to get the d.v.d as a Christmas gift.

Best Comic Book Movie-

2011 was a great year for comic book films. Perhaps the best year for comic book films ever. And we were treated to several high quality comic book adaptations….and one bright green turkey.

But Captain America was the best of the comic book films this year and one of the best comic book films ever made!

Best Television Series-

Fringe-Season Four.
In my opinion not only the best television series on the air at the moment but for me the ONLY t.v show worth watching!

Best Comic Book –

The new Daredevil series written by Mark Waid is what comics should be like….all the time!!!

Just when I was on the verge on giving up on main stream comics for good a book like this comes along and saves the day..

Best Album

Megadeth-Thirteen. Hands down the best music release of the year and the best Megadeth c.d in the last five years which features the return of original bassist Dave Effleson to the band’s line up.

And with that…..the year gets even closer to an end.

Let’s see what 2012 brings us!