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Alive And Well

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2012 by billyg67


So this is where I put my Diary Of A Gladman blog! Haven’t been here for a while and thought I’d drop by to put aside all rumors that I have passed beyond to the great unknown and left this mortal coil behind.

I am very much alive and kickin’ (although recently found myself lost in (cyber) space…. yes I guess the end is near. I DID join FACEBOOK and cussed out twitter a couple of times)

No dirt nap here. It just ain’t true.

But I admit I have also been guilty of falling prey to incorrectly believing certain people were dead…when they were not (thankfully).

For a number of years (since the 11th grade as a matter of fact) I believed a guy that I used to draw and write comic books with (on note book paper) named Stephen Brewington had committed suicide when he “disappeared” towards the end of that same school year. Imagine the pleasant surprise when I learned from my Twilight Star partners in crime (Gary and Derron-better known as The Brothers Church) that Steve was alive and living in Xenia Ohio! They had actually been friends with the guy for a number of years!

And in a quirky twist of fate Stephen and I ended up working together on several comic books together….a few decades down the road! Stephen is on hiatus at the moment but look forward to his return and involvement with the studio again.

A few years ago I actually thought one of my favorite comic book writers, Roger McKenzie, who was a writer on Daredevil had died. Until during the recording of a RaynMan  podcast episode I was going to talk about his death and did a little research…and found out he was still alive!!!!

There was another guy named Roger McKenzie ( a jazz musician I believe) who unfortunately passed away and apparently I got the two confused.

AND just a few days ago this type of thing happened again….for many, many years I believed the guitarist from the rock band W.A.S.P…Chris Holmes was dead. I don’t know how I got that notion….but I thought he was pushing up daisies. (Man who can forget that scene in Decline Of Western Civilization Part II….guzzling that vodka in his pool)….I mean how could that guy still be alive?

Well he is! As a spur of a moment Google search proved.

So there you have it….if you have heard otherwise about me, Stephen, Roger, or Chris….I’m here to quote Keith Richards.

“I Ain’t Dead Yet!”