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Headed For Retirement-Again.

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August 31st. Just a few days ago I checked out THE TOUR with Motley Crue and KISS with my wife…our oldest daughter and her husband and a friend from work.  I’ve seen KISS several times before…almost once for every different incarnation of the band…and seen the Crue once WAY BACK in 1983…0r 1984 opening up for Ozzy.

I’ve always liked both bands…was really impressed with the latest Motley album S.O.L.A…..while somewhat disappointed with Sonic Boom…the latest disc from KISS a few years back.

I thought this would be a cool show…but didn’t think I was going to go until our daughter called us and asked us if we wanted to go with her and her husband…this was way back in Feb….my wife and I agreed. And as the show got closer I thought I would enjoy the Crue more than KISS….once again I’ve seen KISS several times and Crue had added a lot of music too their studded belt since I last saw them live.

What’s really weird…I retired from going to concerts back in 1999. Since about 1983 until 1999 I’ve just about seen every band I wanted to see with just a few exceptions (AC/DC, Ted Nugent (by himself…saw him with the Damn Yankees), Alice Cooper, Metallica (not so much anymore) and VanHalen)….in all I’ve seen about 63 shows…not counting local level type bands. Some people think that’s a lot…but I know people that have seen four times as many shows , easily.

Back in 1999 I saw a show I never thought I would see. Black Sabbath with all the original members….to make this even better Pantera opened up for them….and the Def Tones opened for Pantera. After watching that show I was done…there was no reason to keep going to shows.

I had touched the face of GOD….there WOULD NEVER BE A SHOW BETTER THAN THAT ONE.

So I retired.

But like Micheal Jordan and Brett Farve ..not for long….I eventually started to creep back to seeing a few shows…I’d see Ace Frehley with an old friend I was in a band with…Hell I saw KISS two more times during my “retirement” with our youngest daughter….caught another show with my brother and another old band member….those type of things.

But I had the feeling that after this Crue and KISS show was done…I was done as well. And I was right. And this time I’m pretty sure done means done.

Don’t get me wrong…I had a great time and with great company. Crue was pretty good…Vince was….Vince. He either had a hard time remembering lyrics or just was too out of shape to keep up with the rest of the band who who just AMAZING!!! Thank God for the back up singers…not only did they do a great job filling in the blanks in the songs that Vince left behind….and they looked pretty damn good doing it. I mean if you were too busy watching them you didn’t notice Vince too much.

And KISS….kicked ass. They were tighter as a group of musicians than I had ever seen them before, and played WAR MACHINE live…never heard them play that live all the times I had seen them in the past.

But I was right back in 1999….nothing I’ve seen since….Hell….nothing I even saw before that show….could have come close to that Pantera/Sabbath show.

And like Michael Jordan and Brett Farve before me…I should have went out on top and stayed retired the first time.

Oh well…still had a great time at a rock concert….for the last time.

I’ve already framed my ticket.