Bill Gladman is a comic collector who also writes and illustrates his own comics. founding member of Twilight Star Studios of Springfield Ohio.

Been collecting comics for over 35 years.

Co-host of the RaynMan Power Hour podcast heard on the Comic Related website as well as a co host for Geek Street a video serial that can be seen on the Underground Video Network.

Has also written novels and short stories as well as comic strips that appeared in one of the two local papers. Currently the co-writer of two weekly web comics that appear on the Comic Related site (New Comic Day which also appears weekly on the U.V.N. site, and Price For The Asking.)

Staff writer for Comic Related. Co-founder and co-organizer of Champion City Comic Con which runs the second weekend in September in Springfield Ohio

Former manager of Main Street Comics And Games …also of Springfield Ohio. Avid disc golfer…played a large role in designing and installing Springfield Ohio’s only 18 hole disc golf course.

Huge interest in the paranormal…former lead investigator on two different local paranormal investigation teams.

And loves music…favorite bands being KISS, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dio, Ozzy, Judas Priest….etc…the good 80’s stuff. Has been in several bands most notably the bass player and primary song writer for Misled, Violent Whisper, and Project X all of Springfield Ohio, recording five c.d’s with these bands while writing material for other local bands including Somewhere Between.

And for what ever reason…..loves the Buffalo Bills.


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